Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Kitchen Cabinet Turns Ten

Ten years ago today, someone hit "Publish" on this blog for the first time, and the Kitchen Cabinet was born.  My co-bloggers and I were third-year law students with a shocking amount of spare time, and blogging proved to be an entertaining and not entirely worthless way to fill it.

Posting slowed when we graduated and started jobs.  I got married.  The other Kitchen Cabineteers had to stop blogging.   Posting became even less regular in recent years, when my sons were born. 

Yet even when I've been away from the blog, I've felt like it was part of my identity.  I enjoy writing something more challenging than thank-you notes and grocery lists.  And I can always tell myself, when there's an idle thought I want to set loose upon the world, "I should blog about that."  Even if I only sporadically follow through on that threat, at least the outlet saves me from becoming one of those people who post about politics on Facebook (shudder).

The KC doesn't have a lot of readers, but it does have some long-time ones.  We I have enjoyed getting to know you, linking and being linked.  Thank you for being here for this blog's first decade.  I hope you'll join me for another one.

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