Monday, June 11, 2012

"[T]he ending of that particular campaign felt like being in a car crash"

Whatever can be said about Steve Schmidt's lack of loyalty/class/discretion as demonstrated in this piece (and much has been said), isn't his assessment of Sarah Palin at least defensible?
“She absolutely should not be president: no way, no how,” he said. “I’ve watched her on the public stage over the past four years. There has been zero effort — zero — to improve any of her obvious deficiencies.” 
Hard to argue with the zero effort part.

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  1. Not really.

    Steve Schmidt, you will notice, wasn't hired by any Republican Campaigns this cycle. He has been bitching about Palin since she decided not to take direction from him in 2009.

    Schmidt, you'll recall, is the genius who told McCain to shut down his campaign in 2008 and sent the Senator into that disastrous meeting at the White House with Obama and Bush. It was a complete clown show. What gets his goat is that Palin was the only force that put McCain ahead until the Lehman Brothers' collapse ended the GOP ticket's chances for good.

    Palin is doing fine. She has established herself as the leader of the conservative movement, dealt a stunning blow to the national credibility of Obamacare, got 70% of her candidates elected in 2010, and is so far batting 1000 in the Republican primaries.

    All of that takes extraordinary personal effort and will. But since she didn't hire Schmidt or any of his friends, Schmidt and his friends won't give her any credit. Besides, he was paid a boatload of money by those Democratic bundlers who scripted Game Change to say what he said.

    More self-serving and self-referential puff reporting from Adam Nagourney, who is partially responsible for letting Schmidt get away for his suicide bombing of the McCain Campaign anyway. Please know your sourcing before you blame Palin automatically. I'm kind of surprised that you accepted Schmidt's assertion at face-value, as if he had no axe to grind, as if he wasn't a paid consultant for MSNBC.

    You're not one of those folks who still believe that Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush are conservatives, are you?