Monday, June 27, 2011


I am pleased -- and honestly, a bit surprised -- to see the sane and humane attitudes of many National Review readers, as reflected in comments on some of the OMG-the-sky-is-falling posts in The Corner about same-sex marriage. The readership over there seems a lot wiser and more temperate than some of the writers.

The comments on this bizarre and creepy post are a good example. I like this response to it:
Didn't know that anecdotal stories had anything to do with the marriage debate, but I'll give mine. I woke up early on Sunday morning; took my 4 year old cocker spaniel for her walk; came home and got my 14 month old daughter ready for mass (you can find us every Sunday at 9:00 mass at a Jesuit church in Chelsea); went to breakfast where she had a waffle; went to Whole Foods for milk and fruit; and then took her to the parade where she was the joy of those gathered on the little street where she watched in awe of all of the people. My daughter has 2 daddies (well a dada and a daddy). She is a beautiful, independent (for a 14 month old), happy, young girl. She is being taught to respect others, be kind to her dog, share with others, love Jesus and say her prayers. And as she grows older she will be taught to vote Republican.
Yes. Lucky girl.